(1) Do you need a recipe to make the order?

No, you can buy our products without prescription.

(2) How old you must be to take Tribestan?

The desired age is 16 years. 

(3) How can I benefit from volume discounts?

We offer free shipping for orders above 200 euro. For larger orders (more than 1000), we offer discount. It is a good idea to order with friend from fitness center, so you can get the discounts.

(4) What are the wholesale prices?

For wholesale prices just write us an email: buytribestan(at)gmail.com and we will send you an offer.

(5) I don't have email from your shop. What is going on?

Maybe it's in spam folder. See the spam.

(6) Can I get the tracking number?

Yes ofcourse. We always send the tracking number.

(7) 4 weeks and my package is still not here. What should I do?

Please ask at the post office. We always give a tracking number and you can use this number to search for the package.

(8) What happens when some products are destroyed?

It can happen sometimes. We can guarantee that good pack of the products is our priority. This happen because of heartless treatment of postal workers. 

(9) I paid, but my product is not immediately sent. Why?

That's because the Bank Transfer takes time. It depends on the Bank, but sometimes the money needs 2-3 days until it transferred into our account. We will send the package when we have the money.

(10) What happens if my order is lost?

If the order is lost, we can make 80% discount, but only if you show us a letter by post office that the package is lost.