About us

We was passionate for safe and natural products and for unbeatable fast & quality services. 

Our product Tribestan is completely natural testosterone boosters launched on the market over a decade ago. Since then the market has become flooded with Chinese fakes which are not made from natural products.

During 2010 TribestanShop owners saw what fantastic natural testosterone boosters was Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris and created TribestanShop, so we can supply to the world only original tribulus - tribestan.

Many companies sell Bulgarian Tribulus which are actually made in China. REAL Bulgarian Tribulus is great product but it has to be REAL Bulgarian tribulus terrestris, harvested in the right conditions from the plant tribulus terrestris in Bulgaria.

We now supply our natural 100% original testosterone boosters to athletes all over the world. 

Please do not make compromises with you and your health and don't accept imitations.